Trailer - Blueprints for Awakening - Wisdom of the Masters
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Name: Atmana
 Comment: This DVD is part 2 of the series 'Blueprints for Awakening', with the first being 'Indian Masters.' While the first is beautiful and illuminating, these European Masters really spoke directly to me, and I think probably to many people! They are all involved in this incredible awakening, and many have a strong tie to Ramana Maharshi. They all answer the same questions put to the Indian Masters, 'Who am I' 'What is enlightenment?', but they obviously use their western minds to express the inexpressible.

What results is a wonderfully clear, and often very absolute view of spirituality and enlightenment. This was especially embodied for me with Tony Parsons, who openly states that in fact no one gets enlightened, it's totally impossible for the mind to deal with it! And yet it is completely available for us to see, given that Tony was and is a completely normal bloke, but you see in his eyes that he lives in a space that defies explanation or limits. Most of the masters point out that nothing is necessary for enlightenment, something of incredible to me, and I imagine, to many others viewers.

It can often seem like the people are talking about enlightenment as if they have it all sorted out, and that there is some key to it, or some club you can join if you believe them....but for me, I really saw the genuine passion they have for this awakening, and how it has revolutionized their beings and brought them all into freedom.

This possibility lies waiting for anyone and everyone who wants to see it. If that's you, this film is an enormous neon signpost. Enjoy.
Name: Openheart
 Comment: I have seen this film a couple of times, but its amazing quality again and again brings me to silence.
Very beautiful music, beautiful pictures and touching dialogues.
Name: Asdrid Bonfigt
 Comment: "European Spiritual Masters" is a very interesting addition to the Indian Masters film. The wisdom of the European Masters is expressed in a very clear, intelligent way. Basically Indian Masters and Western Masters are talking about the same, but the Western Masters transformed the ancient teaching into a language and syntax, which is much more easy to understand for "Westerners". Let's say the Western Masters don't seem so exotic, but sharp as a razor. Their words will shake your mind and leave a peaceful silence.
Name: Andrew
 Comment: European Masters is totally unique, in that there are fourteen Spiritual Masters interviewed over a defined format of twelve questions.

What I loved about this book was the diverse expression of Freedom. Each Master responds to the questions in a unique way, if you don't like one, another is sure to appeal. So what you get is each Master pointing to the same from a different place, and that's what gives this book its richness. Fourteen unique expressions of freedom which leave you savouring the rich taste of each Spiritual Master.

The twelve questions relating to the teachings of Sri Rammana Maharshi provide the background for a complete and thorough exploration of freedom. Premanander's interviewing connects with the masters in such a way that it avoids the dry repetition that is possible repeating the same 12 questions. The master's responses are explored and Premanander is clear to ensure the reader gets answers with substance.

The inclusion of Deva Primal and Miten add insight into devotion which offers a different perspective from the central theme, though for the purist its inclusion may seem like a diversion.

If you are serious about freedom or just want to read something completely different to the standard spiritual fare then this is the book for you.