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Experience in Spiritual Community Program

"Presence is freedom. When the mind is quiet
there is nothing to take us away from this moment now."

Thank you for your interest in our Community. You are welcome at any time.

I am happy to send you some information about us.

We live here in a beautiful 17th century mansion directly on the river Rhine with 18 people from several countries. The main spoken language is English.

We are an international Spiritual and Arts Community centered around the English spiritual teacher John David (formerly Premananda), focusing on the question “Who am I?”. We share the daily life like cooking, cleaning, gardening as well as painting, playing theater and making music.

We have a Zoo with lots of animals and birds in our beautiful courtyard and garden. There is a very warm and heartful atmosphere in the house. We come together through our interest in being self-aware and being in presence. We start and end our working day with a community meditation.


There are Satsangs with John David every Friday and Monday evening at 8pm. Go to his website and you will find the link to SatTV.

There is also the possibility to join the Satsang through Skype and have a dialogue with John David, ask him a question or just say hello. The skype address is: meetingjohndavid.
On you find a big archive, also with translation in seven different languages.

Every Wednesday at 7.30 pm there is an Energy Darshan with live music and mantra singing. There are also monthly Retreats and Intensive Weekends. John David is available for private meetings and formal sessions.

On Thursday evening there is the opportunity to do Authentic Theatre together and our Art Studio is always available.

The Open Sky House offers a free 'Experience in Spiritual Community' program, where you live, work and play alongside John David and the Community. Normally we suggest staying for a week minimum and then for a month, possibly two. In this longer time some often decide to join the community. During your time as a volunteer all food, accommodation and weekly Satsangs, Darshan with John David and all other activities are free in the first week, from the second week we ask for a weekly contribution for food of 75€.

Retreats are a great opportunity to meet yourself,
John David and the community.

Click here for forthcoming Retreats and Satsangs.

We look forward to hearing from you! You can email or call +49 2173 4099204.

Warm greetings,




John David's new book The Pointless Joy of Freedom is a profound and indispensable guide for facing the modern world with the whole wisdom of humanity at your fingertips. A fascinating compilation of quotations from powerful spiritual figures throughout history, who have inspired the English spiritual teacher John David to give his own interpretations in the form of insightful, profound and humorous public talks.


This new film gives an insight into the life and work of the English spiritual teacher John David, into the workings of his multi-faceted approach to freedom and the way he works with residents who live with him in the Open Sky House Communities. It takes the viewer on a journey through the spiritual world, beginning with curiosity about oneself to understanding what true freedom is. You can watch the trailer here:


With a lot of humor John David takes the reader on a spiritual journey of knowledge and shows an alternative, which points inside. The journey leads through the path of the heart, the pitfalls of self-sabotage, the growth of awareness, exercises in presence, the discovery of grace, and up to a life in freedom. As he teaches in the community, he brings many examples from living together with his students, and so brings spirituality wonderfully alive in everyday life.


This film gives a wonderful insight into the Open Sky House Community – an intensive experiment in conscious living. It shows how the teachings are lived in the daily life of the Community and explores the relationship between a teacher and a student. It shows the residents in their search for Awakening, with John David guiding them from the misunderstanding of separation to oneness. He explains clearly how we are trapped in our conditioning and points us to our true nature.


This film is about a woman in our community who experienced a powerful energy phenomenon unexpectedly and spontaneously in the community office. In this film John David and Lakshmi dialogue about her experience of that moment and what happened since then. You can watch the trailer and find more information on our website

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